A Lateral Thinking Game

A breath of fresh air in mobile puzzle games. Each brain teaser is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit.
ALT-G is the first game that utilizes all the features in your phone: face and speech recognition, smile detection, accelerometer, camera, swipe, proximity, mic... ALL features!

Early Reviews (Beta)

ALT-G is being developed in public.
Beta version is available and here's the amazing feedback we've collected so far...

  • +3,500 Players
  • +25 Countries
  • 95% positive reviews
  • 30 original puzzles
This! Game! Is! Awesome! I really enjoyed this game. Unlike other games this is an original one. All of the puzzles are good and entertaining. I would appreciate it if you would put new levels! David (USA)

Available on Google Play!

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